How can you join the fight
against cancer?

Put down your razor.

We’re excited to announce SCF’s No-Shave November campaign in the fight against cancer. So get ready to put down your razor in support of the American Cancer Society.

Can’t grow scruff? Or don’t want to?
We encourage everyone to get involved. So if you’re a woman, a man who can’t grow scruff or simply doesn’t want to — we invite you to participate in this campaign by donating today.

$2 per day
For every day you grow your scruff, SCF will donate $2 to the American Cancer Society.

Double the donation!
If you don’t shave for the entire month of November, SCF will DOUBLE its donation—bringing the donation amount up to $4 per day!

SCF has committed to match up to $2,500 of the funds raised in this SCF Cares campaign. Donate today to maximize SCF’s match!

Put your money where your scruff is
Whether or not you decide to join SCF’s No-Shave November, we encourage you to participate in this campaign by donating to the American Cancer Society as we help them promote cancer awareness across the globe.

All proceeds will benefit the American Cancer Society

2016 “Diamond in the Scruff” Staff Photo

2016 Broker Dealer No-Shave November Fundraiser