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4 Things Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

What sets top-performing RIAs and fee-based advisors apart from the competition? Check out these 4 things successful financial advisors do differently, from ThinkAdvisor.

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Build Referral Network

Five Questions to Help Build a Referral Network

“Just like your best clients, these relationships take work. The good news is the payoff is worth the effort you put in.” Insightful piece from Kristan Wojnar and AdvisorHub.

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Disney: Quit Talking and Start Doing

Quit Talking. Begin Doing.

“The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.” — Walt Disney

Makes Financial Advisor Job Easier

Makes My Job As a Financial Advisor Easier

Yesterday, our CEO Randy Meadows received this unsolicited voice message from one of our advisors.

“Hello Randy. I just wanted to pass on what a great help Gina from business processing has been. She’s doing a wonderful job, has a great personality, and is very helpful and knowledgeable. So I just wanted to pass on how pleased I was being able to work with her, and it makes my job a lot easier to have great people like Gina available over there. So thanks again, and have a good day.”

A strong example of the Diamond Standard of service for which we strive each and every day.

Freud: Honesty with Oneself

Freud: Honesty with Oneself

“Being entirely honest with oneself is a good exercise.” #honesty #motivation #truth #purpose #success #business

Coach Class Conundrum for Financial Advisors

The “Coach Class” Conundrum

Why Financial Advisors Deserve a Little More Leg Room

Your seat doesn’t recline. The noisy child behind you keeps kicking your chair. The guy in the window seat climbs over you ten times to stretch his legs. The lady behind you constantly stands over you to get things out of her purse in the overhead luggage compartment. And, of course, there’s the line of people waiting for the lavatory, all of whom feel a need to lean on your headrest while they wait.

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