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Beacon Annuity Nexus Technology

SCF Adds Beacon AnnuityNexus to Advisor Platform

SCF Securities is proud to introduce Beacon AnnuityNexus to its platform. This technology will aid SCF advisors by providing carrier-approved, institutional-quality product profiles unique in their accuracy, comprehensiveness and timeliness.

“Understanding annuity products can be challenging even for the most proficient advisors,” says President & CEO Randy Meadows. “But by making this powerful comparison tool available to our advisors, the time needed for research is drastically reduced because this technology makes it simple to access real-time, accurate annuity data in a fraction of the time.”

Beacon’s comprehensive data warehouse maintains up-to-date information on contract features, rates, fees and expenses, living and death benefit riders, and product sales.

With AnnuityNexus at their fingertips, SCF advisors can compare more than 2,700 open and closed variable, fixed indexed, and fixed rate annuity products with on-demand, side-by-side comparisons — simplifying the process of identifying and recommending suitable products that serve their clients’ best interests.

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