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Broker-Dealer Launches First Video Conference with Financial Advisors

SCF hosted today its inaugural video conference, live from the newly-built video studio in the SCF home office, fulfilling a commitment made by President & CEO Randy Meadows in his state-of-the-company address to SCF financial advisors at the 2018 Annual Conference in Tucson, Arizona.

Broker-Dealer Video StudioThe firm’s video conference platform is designed to enhance communication between the SCF home office and the firm’s financial advisors throughout the country, and serve as a tool for SCF advisors to share ideas, facilitate relationships, and help each other work toward more successful financial practices.

“Because we’re spread throughout the nation,” Meadows said, “it’s not practical or realistic to pull you all together for an in-person event on a regular basis. That’s why we are going to leverage technology to create a dynamic communication tool through a two-way video environment that allows SCF advisors to engage with us and with each other.

“We know how important it is for you, as advisors, to share your knowledge and experiences with each other, and provide feedback to us, so we all have what we need to achieve the next level.

“As the CEO of this organization, it all comes back to my promise to you to maintain the mission of this firm: ‘To create an environment for our advisors which gives them the best possible opportunity to achieve success for themselves and their financial practices.’”


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