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COVID Impact on Broker-Dealer Service

Has COVID Infected Your Broker-Dealer’s Service Experience?

Has the pandemic pushed your broker-dealer to poor service levels by sending their home office staff to work from home? Longer hold times when you call? Delayed approvals

Broker Dealer Darkness but Not at SCF

Broker-Dealer Darkness. But Not at SCF.

In his article, “The Dark Side of Broker-Dealer Scale: Pain for Advisors” on ThinkAdvisor, recruiter Jon Henschen highlights the fact that big BDs may tout their “services,” even though their service is rarely up to par.

Prospective advisors tell us the same thing in our conversations with them each day.

Henschen makes several points that remind us we are doing things the right way at SCF Securities. Here are a few examples.

Remember September 11

Remembering 9/11

May we never forget those precious lives we lost on September 11. And may we always remember our country’s astounding resilience and bravery. #UnitedWeStand #GodBlessAmerica #September11 #NeverForget

Broker Dealer Welcomes Ash Creek Financial Advisors

Welcoming Ash Creek

We’re excited to welcome Ash Creek Financial Advisors to the SCF family!

4 Things Successful Financial Advisors Do Differently

What sets top-performing RIAs and fee-based advisors apart from the competition? Check out these 4 things successful financial advisors do differently, from ThinkAdvisor.

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Build Referral Network

Five Questions to Help Build a Referral Network

“Just like your best clients, these relationships take work. The good news is the payoff is worth the effort you put in.” Insightful piece from Kristan Wojnar and AdvisorHub.

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