Working with an SCF advisor.

It starts with a plan.
Working with a financial advisor is more important than ever. Ever-changing financial markets, changes in governments, and changes in each of our lives have made personalized financial planning almost essential to one’s financial success. SCF advisors understand that although clients may have similar goals, the path that needs to be taken to achieve those goals will likely be very different for each individual.

Well-equipped professionals.
When you work with an SCF advisor you can rest assured that he or she has been given the tools, technology, products, and research necessary to give you the best chance to achieve financial success and meet your unique goals. Our advisors also extend these tools and technologies to you, making your life easier, and giving you 24/7 online access to your account.

Why an advisor’s independence is important.
We deliver a truly independent experience for our advisors. What does that mean for you? You will work with an advisor who is able to offer objective guidance and advice at all times and who will never offer proprietary products. It also means your advisor has more investment choices and flexibility, and is free to make decisions that will best serve you and your advisor’s individual practice. 

Find an advisor.

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