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Terms & Conditions

I understand that I am in no way obligated to consent to electronic delivery.

I understand that this consent authorizes SCF Securities, Inc., and its associated entities to deliver correspondence relating to my investment account(s) electronically. Correspondence includes, but is not limited to, privacy notices, annual and semi-annual reports, regulatory announcements, and ancillary notifications.

I understand that my/our email addresses will be used solely for correspondence relating to my/our account(s) and that SCF will not share it with entities or parties outside the SCF group of companies.

I understand that although I have consented to electronic delivery, that, as a matter of policy, a person who has a right to receive a document under the federal securities laws and chooses to receive it electronically, should be provided with the information in paper form whenever specifically requesting paper.

I understand that a current, valid email address is required to consent to electronic delivery.

I accept the responsibility of immediately notifying SCF of any email address changes by contacting the SCF home office by phone at (800) 955-2517, by email at business@scfinc.com, or by fax at (888) 363-9302.

I understand that this authorization will remain in effect until I close my account(s) or revoke this authorization by notifying SCF by telephone, regular mail, or electronic mail.

I understand that SCF reserves the right to terminate electronic delivery at any time.

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