Custodian neutral.

Complete freedom to custody your assets
in any structure on any platform.

National Financial Services

Fidelity Institutional Wealth Services

Pershing Advisor Solutions

TD Ameritrade Institutional

Remarkably flexible.

Our relationships with the five major custodians provide you with the ability to custody your clients’ assets at any custodian — or any combination of custodians. Each individual custodian offers unique pricing structures, resources, and products — allowing you to choose the most appropriate partner for your practice and your clients’ best interests.

Forward thinking.

Many advisors use a single custodian. But our custodian-neutral approach provides a forward-thinking framework. You can choose to work with multiple custodians so that — when you meet prospective clients with assets custodied elsewhere — you can capture those assets as part of that new client relationship without forcing the client to change firms.