Consider the numbers.
Then factor in everything else.

Combine competitive numbers with five-star boutique experience, top-tier technology, and true open architecture, and you get exceptional value from your broker-dealer relationship. Our vision is more than merely generating revenue from our advisors. Instead, we strive to provide you with what we believe is the best advisor experience in the industry.

Your payout percentage is important. But be sure to look at the whole picture. Remember to factor in other costs, such as technology fees, affiliation fees, branch office fees, platform fees, and ticket charges, to name a few. Your net payout — what you actually take home — is the number that really matters. Look for the firm that will provide you with top-notch service while putting the most possible revenue back in your pocket.

 Competitive payout + Flat monthly fee + Five-star service = Exceptional value



Flat monthly fee. 

We can free you from the burden of constant fee increases, high affiliation fees, exorbitant branch inspection fees, and other surprise costs. No additional affiliation fees. No hidden costs. (Flat monthly fee includes technology, E&O coverage, and bonding fees.)


Weekly direct deposit. 

Commissions are paid weekly every Friday via electronic funds transfer (EFT) directly to your bank account. Commissions for funds we receive by this Friday will be paid and deposited into your bank account on the following Friday.



EIA credit. 

We give you production credit for your EIA business, which can potentially bump you up to a higher payout level.


Exclusive incentives. 

Enjoy significant referral bonuses, generous production incentives, and private luxury trips to international destinations.


Benefits from our carrier relationships. 

We work with carriers who invest millions of dollars each year in agents and reps as a commitment to help them grow. As a result, when you join SCF, you’ll have access to the highest production incentives and generous, industry-leading payouts — available only through our direct relationships.

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