Five-star service
and a comprehensive suite of products.

We do more than promise top-notch service, we actually deliver it. Many IMOs fall short when it comes to service. At SCF, however, it’s the focus of everything we do. Our unique boutique culture allows us to provide you with a personalized, service-driven rep experience.


No proprietary products. No product quotas.
Flexibility to run your practice your way.
Through SCF or the IMO of your choice.


Direct agreements with over 50 of the industry’s top variable annuity and variable life providers, giving you and your clients access to cutting-edge products and riders that provide real solutions. We understand these products and the benefits they bring to certain clients.


Access to traditional and fixed indexed annuities from industry-leading insurance companies, including elite limited distribution products. Receive top compensation directly from carriers with no haircutting or commission routing delays, and get GDC credit toward your securities payout level.


Resources and tools to provide competitive solutions for your most complex cases and clients. From carrier product intelligence to support with legal and tax issues, you’ll have everything you need to implement plans and strategies that incorporate life insurance — and help you turn concepts into closed sales.


Choose from over 100 direct mutual fund agreements with some of the most respected investment companies in the financial services industry. You will also gain access to the retirement divisions of many of these providers, helping you become more competitive in providing solutions to business owners.


Our direct agreements with nearly 30 state-sponsored 529 plans provide you with top-notch solutions for your clients’ education-funding needs and help them maximize in-state tax benefits for residents.


Offer your clients a full suite of life insurance solutions including term life, whole life, universal life, variable universal life, and structured settlements from today’s top carriers. Receive boutique level service from application to issue with active case management from a proactive support team.


Disability income options from many of the leading carriers in the industry today.

Long Term

Traditional and next generation Long Term Care solutions help you shore up this important aspect of your client’s financial picture.

Personal consultants.

Receive personal service from elite life and annuity consultants who build relationships with you and understand your unique business. Your personal consultant and his or her seasoned support team will assist you with everything from product selection and case design all the way through issue.



Active case management.

Proactive case management and communication with you ensure that your case moves through new business and underwriting in a timely manner while averting as many potential problems as possible. This active monitoring of your cases ensures higher customer satisfaction for your clients and more timely commissions for you.

Licensing & contracting assistance.

A dedicated licensing and contracting expert is available to assist you with contracting and licensing requirements and ensure that necessary training requirements are completed in order to avoid commission delays.



Impaired risk placement.

On-staff experts and innovative technology tools are available to assist with impaired risk placement for clients with high risk factors.