Quotes. Underwriting. Paperwork.
All within seconds. And a few simple clicks.



Eliminate the hassle of scrolling through an endless list of documents and products you don’t need. Our powerful technology places everything you need in a single, centralized online location.

Simply enter your clients’ personal and health information and you will instantly see personalized quotes from all approved carriers and receive an automatically-generated PDF with all the forms you need.

You even have the ability to email or print the document, all with a single click.

Our basic package of technology platforms will fulfill your needs as an advisor. We also offer a full menu of customizable technology options, providing you with unlimited flexibility.




Online product search.

Our online product search engine is extremely easy to use. It gives you the power to compare hundreds of products. At once. Countless filters allow you to refine your search results and identify the exact product you need.


Instant quote engine.

This powerful calculator gives you the power to instantly create generic hypothetical illustrations based on the actual closing values of the S&P 500, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P 400 or the Nasdaq-100 Index.



Automatic form generator.

All the necessary forms required for your new business are automatically generated. You have the freedom to print the entire forms packet, or email it to yourself, or send it directly to the client. All within the same browser window.


Central document library.

We’ve taken the hassle out of finding the many documents you might need throughout the course of writing new business. Our centralized online library brings it all into one online portal. From underwriting guidelines to account disclosures to contracting documents, it’s all here.



Instant underwriting.

You don’t have to play the waiting game anymore. Our online product engine gives you the power to get underwriting instantly. Simply enter your clients’ information, click the “search” button, and select the most appropriate solution. You’ll have the response you need in only seconds.


Illustration software.

Our carrier relationships provide you with rich and robust tools that can help you move prospects through the sales process. From hypothetical situations to needs analysis to illustrative cash flows, you’ll have everything you need to exceed your clients’ expectations.



Transform your office into a paperless environment, manage your business processes, and increase efficiency and business continuity. You can securely send, scan, store and retrieve unlimited documents quickly and easily.


commission tracking

Access data 24/7 from our back office system, SCF WebOps. You can view production amounts, open and completed orders, and commission status reporting and tracking.

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