A vast product selection.
No other way to describe it.

As a hybrid advisor at SCF, you have at your disposal the entire product offerings of four industry-leading custodians, one premier brokerage firm with all the resources of Fidelity Investments®, and hundreds of our direct agreements. No matter how unique your business mix may be, we provide everything you need to grow your practice and meet your clients’ needs. And while other firms may force you to a specific product or business type in order to drive their own revenue, we give you complete flexibility to choose the precise mix of securities and fee-based solutions that work best for you.


Four major custodians.
One premier brokerage firm.
Hundreds of direct agreements.

A more robust product suite than ever before.

Limitless fund access.

Build unique client solutions with complete access to thousands of ETFs, NTFs, and UMAs through SCF platforms and our direct relationships with professional managers.



wealth management.
Your structure.
Our institutional access.

Take advantage of complete flexibility in how you choose to work with professional money managers, including:

  • Gain access to managed platforms via our multiple custodian relationships.
  • Work directly with leading wealth managers.
  • Through unified managed accounts and wrap programs.
  • Through Blue Diamond Plus™, SCF’s proprietary platform available exclusively to SCF advisors.

Our professional wealth and money management suite lets you choose from over 4000 managed accounts, another 2000 managed accounts via SCF’s Blue Diamond Plus™, and hundreds of others using sleeve technology through UMA partners.

Fixed income suite.
Work with a fully-staffed trading desk. Or build ladders yourself.

Gain access to our full suite of fixed income products. You can work with a professionally-staffed fixed income trading desk or build ladders online in only a few minutes through the platform-integrated BondTraderPro®. Available offerings include cash markets, certificates of deposit, CMOs, convertibles, corporates, government agencies, mortgage pass-throughs, municipals, new issues, preferreds, treasuries, and zero coupon bonds.



Mutual funds.
Choose from thousands. Literally.

Choose from more than 6,600 mutual funds from leading fund families, including over 2,500 no-transaction-fee funds. These funds provide broad diversification and cover a range of investment objectives, philosophies, asset classes and risk exposures, while connecting your business to more than 16,000 share class alternatives.

Cash & banking services.
Boost clients’ borrowing power.

Our cash and banking services offers your clients a comprehensive, consolidated financial service that is designed to help simplify their increasingly complex lives with access to check writing, an optional Visa®sup> Classic debit card and margin account borrowing. Your clients can also boost their borrowing power with non-purpose loans and the ability to obtain liquidity by leveraging their managed accounts.



Trust services.
Add depth to client relationships.

We offer a variety of personal and charitable trust services that will help you deepen your client relationships including revocable living trusts, testamentary trusts, charitable trusts, private foundations, irrevocable trusts, life insurance trusts and marital trusts.

Equities & options.
Timely & error-free execution.

Gain access to individual equities and options traded on all major exchanges and a professionally-staffed trading desk. You will receive personal service as well as timely and error-free executions on all orders (regardless of size) using state-of-the-art technology.



Retirement plans.
Make sure your clients are ready.

Provide your clients with a complete selection of retirement plans on the platform and through our direct agreements with more than 80 of the industry’s top mutual fund and investment companies.

Alternative investments.
Advanced investment strategies.

Our thorough and conservative due diligence processes offer protection for you, your clients and our firm while simultaneously providing you with access to a dynamic selection of alternative investments including non-traded REITs and managed futures funds.



Premium information.
Timely, practical data.

Gain insight into industries, sectors, and securities with real-time quotes, breaking global news, and Thomson Reuters’ leading market research and data analysis.

Independent research.
Objective, actionable information.

Gain access to objective third-party research from dedicated teams of industry professionals at each of our four custodians. This information equips you with timely reports and data that can help you evaluate and manage your clients’ portfolios. Benefit from tools ranging from comprehensive reports to timely, customizable alerts.