Email campaigns
that actually generate referrals.

A fast, professional, and elegant solution to the tired email newsletter, our personalized, high-quality newsletter goes out to your contact list each month. Featuring engaging video vignettes, motivating content, and related articles, the Newsletter is a fresh new marketing campaign to help you keep a steady supply of leads rolling in.

Boost response rates

Video increases click-throughs and open rates. Up to four times more responses than a flat message. More likely to be shared and “liked.”

Content that counts

Each newsletter includes interesting articles on timely topics and are personalized with your DBA. Build credibility and generate new referrals.


Available anywhere, anytime

Newsletters are optimized for viewing on multiple platforms: PCs, Macs, tablets, and smart phones. Easily sharable. And motivating.

Measurable results

Track results through metrics reports, so you’ll always know how your messages perform and can follow up with clients.

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