An award-winning mobile app.
For you. And your clients.

Named the “Best Client-Facing Technology” by, our mobile technology fulfills your most critical reporting needs. This powerful app features improved access to account and market data, with a faster, easier-to-read presentation. The latest version supports high-resolution retina displays, allowing you to view and present information with pixel-perfect quality. This app offers the best of both worlds — not only can it give you access to your book, it also gives your clients access to their accounts.


Blue Diamond Plus™ Mobile.

Crystal clear

We simplified the navigation to allow you and your clients to quickly move through the mobile app and find the data they need.

Core data.
Delivered faster.

We took your most critical reporting needs, designed the app to meet those needs, and then reconfigured it for a much faster experience.

with ease.

It’s now easy for you and your clients to communicate with each other from anywhere in the world. Better yet, it’s completely secure.


Now you have the ability to efficiently review portfolio allocation by value or asset class — a great resource for your client meetings.






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