Real feedback from real advisors.

Don’t just take our word for it.
Consider these real-world experiences
of actual SCF advisors.

Daniela, Oklahoma:

“I’m writing this to let you know how much I (and my firm) appreciate the support, consistency, and insight from the Home Office staff … I cannot tell you how many times we’ve needed something from SCF – whether it was a transactional question or a more urgent business processing matter – and [your staff] has risen to the occasion over and over to help us get the job done … thank you for hiring staff who believe in the same level of excellence and quality we do. They have been invaluable to us during the course of our relationship with SCF.”

Derrick, Pennsylvania:

“Thank you so much for ‘going to bat’ for us and the clients. I truly appreciate it … It is great to know that we have partners like you and the SCF team that will work hard to get things done when we need them. We are grateful!”

Amy, Delaware:

“I just wanted to let you know that every time we get off the phone with someone at SCF, our days are made. Everyone is trained so professionally and we are truly blessed.”

Brett, Oregon:

“SCF has set itself apart by making a complicated business simple—not only for us advisors but for clients, as well. It’s nice to deal with a BD that cares about us as individuals and not just about our revenue.”

Bev, Washington:

“Everyone at SCF has been great in walking the walk. They don’t just talk the talk. SCF is customer service-oriented and so very helpful. Transitioning isn’t an easy process, but SCF made it feel easy.”

Michael, Georgia:

“From my past years in the business I have learned to appreciate the good things in life. SCF is one of those good things!”

David, Illinois:

“[SCF] is the third broker-dealer I have been with and—by far—the most professional and easy to work with. Transitions are a pain, but the SCF team made it much easier. My clients recognized the professional way SCF worked with me and their fears and concerns about moving their money was eased.”

Detroy, California:

“With a professional background from the ‘biggest and best’ of both wirehouses and independent broker-dealers, the support and responsiveness by the SCF home office is the best that I have ever experienced. I do not feel like just another cog in the wheel of a financial machine…that is a very good feeling.”

Jerry, North Carolina:

“The help that I’ve gotten from everybody I’ve spoken with over at SCF has been just really, really good. Helpful, friendly, cheerful, get back to you quickly, accurately… haven’t had any issues whatsoever. It’s just been really amazing!”

Greg, Michigan:

“You’ve built a great firm and I am grateful to be able to work with such a great team at SCF.”

Brandon, Michigan:

“SCF has a team in place that will free you up to be an advisor. I have transitioned to other firms; other firms will not do what SCF does. Extremely satisfied is an understatement.”

Sherod, California:

“Thank you for such a great conference in Coronado. [It] was wonderful & our office had a really good time…. We love being a part of SCF.”

Charlie, Massachussetts:

“I finally feel that I am with a firm that cares…about me and my clients. That security is so important for me…and them.”

David, California:

“[The back office staff] has been invaluable and has made the technology transition very easy.”

Patrick, Texas:

“I wanted to take a minute to let you know my appreciation of the great work by your staff members. Each of them is very proactive, timely, and considerate when responding to issues I present them. I know that when I email or call, that they take my requests seriously and make it a priority, which makes my job a bit easier … I’m glad to see a company looking for better alternatives instead of staying status quo.

Kris, California:

“I have never worked with anyone in licensing who was so on the ball — the smoothest of all the firms I’ve worked with.”

John, Arizona:

“My transition has been the best I’ve ever done. It has been everything [SCF] said it was going to be and the SCF staff is great. The [transition] experience is never easy, it’s arduous and time consuming. No [transition] is perfect but the staff at SCF is nearly perfect. ‘Nearly perfect’ because the prevailing culture of SCF is that of an optimistic, caring partnership. At SCF, you’re surrounded with problem solvers. Support doesn’t get any better.”

Susan, California:

“Thank you … for your speedy approvals of our upcoming seminars as well as the website changes. It does not go unnoticed. We really appreciate you as well as everyone else who supports us on a daily basis”