The SCF Transition.
A major production.
Without the major production.


The typical transition:

Transitioning a financial practice is a scary proposition for most advisors. The fear of the unknown, the paperwork, licensing and training, the paperwork, gathering all the data, figuring out how to communicate with clients, and — yes — more paperwork. Your concerns are valid.

We’ve seen it time and time again — other firms promise the world during the recruiting process and then leave you to fumble through the process all alone, wandering through a maze of forms and losing clients along the way. As such, ‘transition’ has become a four-letter word for many advisors. But it doesn’t have to be.

Our different transition:
by five-star service.

Our five-star service doesn’t end at transition — it transforms the process from the inside out. We understand that most advisors have limited transition experience  — most advisors only go through a transition once or twice throughout their entire careers. 

We, on the other hand, transition advisors all the time. So you can benefit from the valuable knowledge we’ve gained from hundreds of transitions and decades of experience.

We realize that no transition experience is perfect. But we think ours comes pretty close.


“My transition has been the best I’ve ever done. It has been everything SCF said it was going to be and the SCF staff is great. The transition experience is never easy, it’s arduous and time consuming. No transition is perfect but the staff at SCF is nearly perfect…‘nearly perfect’ because the prevailing culture of SCF is that of an optimistic, caring partnership. At SCF, you’re surrounded with problem solvers. Support doesn’t get any better.”

— John S., Arizona


Our Process.
Here’s how it works.


Get to know us.


Ask the right questions.
All of them.

We take a no-pressure approach to our recruiting process. Our first priority is helping you identify whether SCF is the right firm for your practice. We’ll help you paint a true picture of how a possible relationship with us would work. From your business model to your values, we’ll help you make sure we’re the best fit for each other.


Tell us what you want.


Customize our relationship.

Our relationship with every advisor is unique. We understand that each individual financial practice is unique. We don’t believe in forcing you into a cookie-cutter structure. So we work with you to make sure that every single need is addressed. From technology needs to pricing structures to compensation packages, we’ll work with you to customize every aspect of our relationship. As a firm that promises five-star service, we wouldn’t let it happen any other way.


Make the decision.


Consider our offer.

You’ve analyzed every aspect of our firm. You may have even visited our home office. We’ve worked together to design a custom offer that works best for you. Now the ball is in your court. Take your time. We want you to make the right decision.


A breeze through licensing & registration.


You’ll know exactly what to do. And when.

Once you’ve made a decision and have officially accepted our offer, we’ll send you our advisor registration kit. When you receive it, we’ll walk you through the entire process.


Get everything ready.



Prepare for the big day.


We don’t want you to face any down time, so this is probably the most important step of the entire process. We’ll work with you to make sure that you are up and running on day one as an SCF advisor.

It’s the big day. Sit back. We’ll do the work.


Register with SCF.

At this point, we’ve already done all the prep work. So as soon as we receive a copy of your resignation, all we have to do is click “submit.” Your approval from FINRA should come through on the same day, but can be delayed because of any U-4 disclosures or state processing timelines.


The assets start rolling in.


When signed client packets return, it’s go time.

When you start receiving the signed forms from clients, simply scan them into our paperless system, which instantly notifies our entire business processing team. No delays and processing in as little as 24 hours.


Business as usual.


What’s the catch?
There isn’t one.

Don’t just take our word for it.
See for yourself how our transition process played out in the actual transitions of these real SCF advisors.



Brett, Keith & Beverly


Ready for the next step?