Unlimited flexibility.
Our brokerage technology.



Real-time market updates. Instant trade execution. CRM systems. Streamlined account and contact management. These are just a few ways that technology plays a significant role in your practice — and in your decision to partner with a new broker/dealer.

At SCF, we are constantly working to provide you with industry-leading technology options — empowering you to limitlessly build your practice and serve your clients.

Our basic package of technology platforms will fulfill your needs as an advisor. We also offer a full menu of customizable technology options, providing you with unlimited flexibility.



Complete, web-based
advisor workstation

Our brokerage technology workstation integrates trading and service functionality with customer information and risk management tools. Take advantage of a single point of access to real-time market data, news, and third-party research — virtually anytime, anywhere.


Client reviews
made easy

Powerful portfolio analytics tools allow you to analyze multiple accounts as a single portfolio. Break down asset allocation, equity sectors, and bond components of clients’ portfolios. Analyze position and portfolio returns and projected cash flows from current holdings. Create professional, custom color reports in seconds.



Holistic wealth
management support

Add the strength of Thomson ONE to your integrated workstation. Pinpoint high net worth opportunities within your current book of business, search your book using hundreds of data points, and create targeted customer lists. Features include: advanced order management and trading, in-depth broker sales tools, educational resources, preferred rates on services from third-party providers, and customizable risk management tools.


Retirement income

Simplify the complex steps of retirement income planning. Build a retirement income plan with existing customer asset and account information prepopulated from the brokerage platform. This valuable tool allows you to create, store & update retirement income plans for your clients with efficiency and scale. Features include a Monte Carlo-based modeling engine, tax-sensitive cash flow analysis, and what-if modeling.


fixed income tools

This fully-integrated bond trading component simplifies selling fixed income products. BondTraderPro® empowers you to implement advanced filtering options, research and identify suitable offerings, build ladders and proposals, and much more.


Place trades from anywhere and serve clients on the go. With one touch, you can scan alerts, access market data and news, and review orders.  This mobile app is portable, secure, and easy to use.




For financial professional use only.
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