The Direct
Business Model

Insurance & Securities

You’ve built your financial practice around an insurance or direct business model. Now you face a difficult decision: Affiliate with an insurance company-owned broker-dealer that offers little independence, or choose an independent firm that is lacking in its ability to fully accommodate your business model.

At SCF, we offer a better solution. We provide you with the flexibility of independence, the power of leading technology, and the resources of a full-service, boutique broker-dealer. We have a rich history in the insurance arena, so we understand these unique products. Simply put: We step up when many other firms shy away.


Extensive product selection.
Everything you need. Nothing you don’t.

Our complete and balanced suite of products provides you with everything you need to meet and exceed your clients’ expectations. We have direct agreements with some of the biggest names in the industry, so you have access to a full menu of financial solutions.



IMO flexibility.
‘Flexibility’ says it all.

As an SCF advisor, you can conduct most insurance production as an outside business activity through the IMO or direct contract of your choice.



Active case management.
Proactive. From application to issue.

You can take advantage of knowledgeable personal consultants that can help you identify the best solutions for your financial practice and your clients’ financial goals.



EIA friendly.
No haircuts. No middle man.

Keep more of your revenue with our haircut-free, top street commissions. Paid directly to you from carriers. And best of all, we give you credit toward your securities production for any EIA business you write, which can potentially bump you up to a higher payout level.



Minimal paperwork.
A single page form?
Hard to believe. But true.

Most of our corporate officers began their careers as advisors themselves. Their experiences have shaped our culture, eliminating unnecessary steps. That same culture has spilled over into every area of our firm — even resulting in streamlined paperwork requirements. If we don’t need it, we don’t require it — which ultimately means saved time and less work for you. We’ve even trimmed several of our forms down
to a single 1-page document.



Top street payouts.
Low fees.

Competitive compensation.

Keep more of your revenue without sacrificing support, service, and sophistication.

We can customize a compensation package specifically for you and the needs of your financial practice. With exclusive incentives, flexible hierarchy options, weekly direct deposits, competitive payouts, and a flat monthly fee*, SCF places you in a broker-dealer relationship with exceptional value.


Simplified business processing.
A paperless process. An at-the-ready team.

When you submit new business, our paperless system instantly alerts each member of our business processing team. They take a proactive approach, working with you to quickly fill in paperwork gaps and missing information, and processing all new business within one business day.

Your new business goes through several steps of error-proofing to make sure that it is processed correctly. The first time.



In-house expertise.
It’s what makes SCF SCF.

The unique composition of our back office staff places you in relationships with experienced, knowledgeable people. At SCF, you don’t get stuck in a phone queue — you get a live person on the line. Each and every time. We place great priority in developing authentic, significant relationships with our advisors. We work to know your business model intimately so that, when you call, we can effectively provide you with prudent advice that improves your practice and streamlines the way you do business.

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*Flat monthly fee includes Error & Omissions coverage, bonding fees, Wealthscape (hybrid advisor complete workstation), Kimberlite (new business workflow, document management, commissions, CRM), and SCF email. Additional fees may apply.