The Hybrid
Business Model

Hybrid & Dual Registration

Overcome the obstacles of the hybrid and dual-registration business model by taking advantage of our robust advisory solutions, comprehensive product offering, and completely custodian-neutral environment. Our balanced offering of brokerage and alternative investments, and our extensive list of direct agreements with industry-leading product providers give you every resource you need to meet the unique financial needs of every client. Choose the precise mix of fee-based and transaction-based business that best suits your clients and your financial practice.



Custodian neutral and premier clearing.
Engineered for maximum flexibility.

Leverage the freedom to custody your clients’ assets at any of the major custodians: Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions®, Pershing Advisor Solutions, and Schwab Advisor Services™ . You can also offer your brokerage clients the strength and stability of premier clearing services through Fidelity Clearing & Custody Solutions® that provides excess of SIPC coverage in the amount of $1 billion.


Your entire book of business.
One all-inclusive technology platform.
We help you bring it all together.

Our powerful technology, Blue Diamond Plus, empowers you to consolidate your entire book of business — any account, any business type, any location — and provide your clients with a comprehensive snapshot of their true financial position.

This single, integrated experience includes advanced performance reporting, account aggregation, secure client communication and document vault, a customizable, branded client experience, and the power to rebalance your entire book of business in one online portal and with only a few clicks.


We support financial advisor DBAs

Wide open architecture.
Your structure. Our expertise.

Our flexible, open architecture platforms give you real choices to set up your practice in a way that works best for you and your clients’ unique financial goals. Customize fees and leverage our flexible custodian-neutral platform without unneccessary costs eating away at your revenue.

Our rich history of working with advisors and reps in many situations provides us with expertise across business models and the knowledge to empower you and your unique mix of business.



A better client experience.
We did more than improve. We re-imagined.

We built our entire platform with you in mind. But we went even further. We completely redesigned the client experience so you would look smarter. With better access to all the information you want them to have, the online portfolio is intuitive, easy to read, and easy to understand. And because we customize your clients’ online portal to align with your DBA, they are immersed in your brand each time they log in — increasing retention and minimizing attrition.


Independent RIA-friendly.

If you manage your own independent RIA and are looking for broker-dealer affiliation, give us a call. We can discuss the idea of keeping your RIA intact while gaining the top-notch support of our boutique broker-dealer. From compliance procedures to regulatory examination support, we’ll support you. And while we’re at it, we’ll review your ADV — for free.


Ticket-based or Asset-based.
Your practice. Your pricing structure.

Our custodian-neutral platform gives you complete freedom to set a pricing structure that is most suitable for your financial practice and your clients’ assets. Depending on the custodian you select, you will have the ability to choose between ticket- and asset-based pricing.


Your DBA. Front and center.
Customize everything your clients see.

We understand the trust that your clients have placed in your name, so we give you the freedom to customize almost everything. Use your own DBA on business cards and letterhead. We’ll create a custom online client access portal to align with the look and feel of your DBA. We’ll help you add the name and logo of your DBA to all client statements. And because we know all clients are unique — some want more information, some want less — we’ll empower you to customize the content and types of performance reports they automatically receive.



Built-in fee billing solutions.
Efficiency comes standard.

Cost-effective fee billing solutions are hard to come by. Until we stepped in. No more over-priced, confusing software — and definitely no more spreadsheets. Our platform provides you with a built-in tool that streamlines the tedious task of fee billing.
Your office staff will love you for it.


Negotiated rates, discounted pricing.
Our scale. Your savings.

Save money through our discounts and preferred pricing. Because of our size and scale, we are able to negotiate lower rates with many third party vendors. Be our guest — piggyback on our savings.



Mobile freedom.
Everything you need. Everywhere you need it.

These innovative apps give you access to critical brokerage information in a completely mobile environment. Take the full power of the platform with you 24/7, allowing you to manage and build your practice on the go. It’s portable. It’s secure. And best of all, it’s easy.


Simplified business processing.
A paperless process. An at-the-ready team.

Most of our corporate officers began their careers as advisors themselves. Their experiences have shaped our culture, eliminating unnecessary steps and streamlining paperwork requirements.

When you submit new business, our paperless system instantly alerts each member of our business processing team. They take a proactive approach, working with you to quickly fill in paperwork gaps and missing information, and processing all new business within one business day.

Your new business goes through several steps of error-proofing to make sure that it is processed correctly. The first time.



Low fees.
Low ticket charges.

Competitive compensation.

Keep more of your revenue without sacrificing sophistication.

We can customize a compensation package specifically for you and the needs of your financial practice. With ticket charges as low as $7.95, competitive payouts, and a flat monthly fee*, SCF places you in a broker-dealer relationship that provides you with exceptional value.



In-house expertise.
It’s what makes SCF SCF.

The unique composition of our back office staff places you in relationships with experienced, knowledgeable people. At SCF, you don’t get stuck in a phone queue — you get a live person on the line. Each and every time. We place great priority in developing authentic, significant relationships with our advisors. We work to know your business model intimately so that, when you call, we can effectively provide you with prudent advice that improves your practice and streamlines the way you do business.

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*Flat monthly fee includes Error & Omissions coverage, bonding fees, Wealthscape (hybrid advisor complete workstation), Kimberlite (new business workflow, document management, commissions, CRM), and SCF email. Additional fees may apply.